A healing session (In-Person or Distance) creates a trusting space filled with loving purpose and healing intention. It is your sacred time. Each 90 minute session includes:

     - 10 minutes of Consultation
     - 40 minutes of Energetic Healing
     - 40 minutes of Channeled Messages (plan to take notes or record this portion of the session
        if you like)

In-Person, we start by sitting across from one another while you share “what’s up” for you.

In a Distance Healing Session, you will call me at an
agreed-upon time and I will
connect with your system
through the universal energy grid.  How do I do that?

With my psychic sight, I see the world like a 3-dimensional
piece of graph paper with each of us on our own personal square & connected to all other squares.  This allows me to “surf”
this universal energy grid to connect with you, just as if you were sitting across from me in my healing room. 

Whether it is In-Person or Distance, I call in my guides and your guides and give you a 3-4 minute grounding meditation to help you relax and sink into the chair. Your job is to close your eyes, relax and receive, as I narrate everything I see with my
psychic sight and everything Spirit calls me to do.

I have been blessed with a variety of healing guides, each bringing a specific transformative healing technique. I am not in charge of them and cannot call them into a session.
They show up, one at a time, if you need them.

 When the energetic portion is complete, I will touch you on your head, your knees and
your feet. Of course if we’re doing a Distance Healing session, the touching will be done
remotely, but my clients agree this works just as well.

For the final part of the session, I’ll channel messages from Spirit for you specifically. This
is the time for you to take notes. The messages always relate to whatever occurred during
the energetic portion and often include “homework” to follow before the next session.

We may be called to release ancestral pieces that you’re holding from your mother’s or
father’s lineage. These lineage pieces usually go back 7 generations. If you’re holding other
people’s “baggage” it clouds your vision and blocks you from discerning what your personal Truth is.

Sometimes you will receive messages of nutritional guidance…what foods are good for
you, what foods to avoid while this healing integrates into your body or what foods to
avoid for longer periods because they slow your digestive process, thus
causing unnecessary mental and physical fatigue.

At the end of the channeling, there will be time for questions you may have for Spirit.

Clients who have experienced both In-Person and Distance Healing Sessions
that the session and work are equally powerful.  

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Cancellation Policy: Clients will be billed half the fee for any session
cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

If you feel drawn to my work, call 781-843-9940
or email Gayle@SunshineIHH.com
so we can get started.