Most of the testimonials below are from specialists in a variety of other healing modalities. 
While I welcome and serve all people referred to my practice, as my work has progressed
I’ve had the honor to be sought out by many healers, and have come to be known as
the “the healer’s healer.” I hope you find these testimonials helpful as you consider my healing benefits. They are categorized by services offered.



The environment you have created is beautiful and comforting.  Your manner is professional, competent, caring, insightful and compassionate.  After my sessions with you, I experienced increased clarity, insights and understanding and felt more relaxed and peaceful when I went back into my own life.

  Marcie MacKinnon, Life Coach, Body-Centered Therapist, Grief Counselor


I have had several distance healing sessions with Gayle and all of them have been monumental in moving forward on my life path and spiritual journey.  Although the session is by phone, I can feel Gayle’s healing energy with me in the room.  Her intuitive visions and advice are “right on.”  I feel the effects of Gayle’s healing work immediately and over the long term and have experienced positive changes in my life because of it.

  Lea M. Hill, Healer, Autism Advocate & Author “The Society of Sylphs”


In 2010 I was diagnosed with a non-curable kidney disease.  My yoga instructor recommended Gayle to me, based on her own experience.  I continued to see my specialist and added an appointment with Gayle to my calendar. Using her guides to bring messages, mantras and energetic tools to help me navigate in positive, healthy ways, Gayle was able to clear energetic debris from my kidneys.  Within a month or two, my doctor told me I was in remission and I have been ever since!  I return for a session when I need to realign my energies to bring clarity into my life.  Truly amazing!

  Jodi Lott, photographer


I was raised to doubt. When I came to a crossroad in my life and felt completely hopeless, I turned to Gayle, with some trepidation.  The results were mind blowing. The healing from my first session allowed me to release a lifelong obsession with dolls. I didn’t go in looking for that, and honestly didn’t think it was an issue but what a relief when it was gone. I realized I had been soothing a childhood wound and once the healing session began, the soothing was no longer necessary. After four years of working with Gayle, both in person and on the phone, I see the many shifts that have occurred and I no longer doubt that healing and guidance is available.

  Audrey Jones Blaisdell, owner Bikram Yoga Northhampton


To find answers to the tough questions and sometimes the not so tough questions, Gayle is the best!  She works with your personal Spirit guides and her own amazing intuition to find those answers.  She helped me with my own personal transgender transformation.  I trust her completely.

  Jessika Brandley, Clothing Designer and Yoga enthusiast


Gayle’s “language” is evocative and incredibly memorable. I carry words and images from our sessions around with me and return to them when I need support and clarity.  I would recommend a session or more, especially if someone is hurting, grieving or feeling vulnerable.

  Margie Zohn, Actor, Director, Life Coach & Corporate Team Facilitator


What is most rare is Gayle’s ability to access inner wisdom that is in complete harmony with my own intuition.  She has no “agenda” other than giving me feedback that will be for my highest good.  Working with Gayle, I’ve been able to heal from the loss of a love relationship and make steady progress on a novel.  Our work together has also opened a new balance in my body.

  Deborah Bluestein, Author, Illustrator & ESL Teacher


Having an intuitive healing session with Gayle over the phone is, to put it simply, exceptional.  Feeling enormously stuck, I sought out Gayle for the big picture.  Her information was accurate and more importantly useful.  I was given straight forward practical options in a direct and easy manner.  Her work is outstanding. I’ve been to many practitioners and Gayle is the first one where I actually felt my energy shift.  A powerful lady. 

  Deirdre Morgan, Intuitive Counselor & Astrologer





The clearing of my office has made such a difference.  The cleansing allows a letting-go of negative energy, and provides an opening for positive energy, thereby allowing positive healing to occur.  Each time Gayle has done an office clearing, I’ve had patients make remarks like, “I don’t know what it is about being here, but I could stay all day”, or “What are you using as a purifier in this room?”

  Debra Brothers Klezmer, Cranial Sacral Practitioner, Pain Management Specialist


After my divorce, Gayle did a distance house clearing and got rid of all the negative energy.  The place looks bigger and light-filled and feels happier.  Gayle’s healing work is deep, awesome, specific and magical.  She has helped me, body, mind and spirit.  Each session is like getting a present.

  Kristine Camargo, Dental Hygienist & Energetic Therapy Healer



I have known Gayle to be an effective link to information and assistance from Source.  I have witnessed the process she uses many times and been able to understand many aspects of myself with information from Gayle.  It is an extraordinary process to be able to write things down with a dialog for both insight and guidance.  I had an ongoing perplexing influence in my home that I struggled with for many years.  Gayle came to my rescue with a home clearing which relieved me of both the unwanted presence and the mysterious difficulties which frequently occurred.  I gladly and wholeheartedly recommend Gayle as she operates with Divine intention and guidance.

  Robert Nagle, VP Nagle Distribution Co. and Spiritual seeker




I brought Gayle to my home to do a group healing for my yoga teachers.  Having Gayle facilitate a group is a special kind of experience.  Because I know my teachers so well, I can attest that Gayle’s individual messages were “on target.”

  Diane Ducharme Gardiner, Owner Yoga for You, National Bikram Yoga Trainer and Speaker


I was initially introduced to Gayle in a group session that left quite an impression…she expertly guided our group collectively as well as provided  each person with specific information from Spirit.  It was truly an enlightening experience.  I decided to consult with her one on one and I received the benefits of deeper inner healing as well as highly intuitive readings which connected me to my own personal guides.  Recently I called on Gayle for a remote phone session, in the comfort of my own home.  That session was equally as powerful.  Sessions with Gayle feel like a huge wealth of keen insight, wisdom and love.

  Deb Ogden, Laughing Water Designs


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