Group Healing
Offered in the host’s home on a Saturday & limited to 12. May also be offered in a Healing Center.

This is like a Spiritual Spa…a time to relax and regenerate. We start with a 3-4 minute grounding meditation. Then I narrate everything I see with my psychic sight and everything Spirit calls me to do. The energetic portion completes with a guided meditation called “The Spiritual Heart” and ends with specific channeled messages for each participant.

Note: Although each group member receives whatever their system needs in the moment, some may be experiencing other strong personal issues. These can only be addressed in individual sessions. 

2 ˝-3 hours: $44 per person

Host’s fee is complimentary and, in addition, the Host receives a one-hour reading as a thank you.

Channeled Reading (at Sunshine)
This is designed to focus on one specific issue of your choice. It may include both energetic releases and channeled messages.

  1 hour: $88


Individual Session (at Sunshine)
A typical session lasts 1˝ hours and consists of:
      10 minute consultation
      40 minutes Energetic Therapy
      40 minutes Channeled Messages

  Individual Session: $122

  Three-Session Package: $311 ($55 savings)
Note: First sessions usually run closer to 2 hours and there is no additional charge.

Office/Home Clearing (at your site)
We all leave behind energetic footprints that can make a home/office feel congested and claustrophobic. This work may include releasing trapped spirits of those who have passed.


  1˝ hours: $200 (paid in advance)

  Each additional ˝ hour: $50 (paid on site by cash or check)


Distance Healing / Phone Session
I see the world like a 3-dimensional piece of graph paper with each of us on our own personal square & connected to all other squares. This allows me to channel into the universal energy and create a portal to reach you wherever you live.

All distance healing sessions are paid in advance.


  Channeled Reading 1 hour: $88

  Individual Session: 1˝ hours $122

  3 Session Package: $311 ($55 savings)

  Office/Home Clearing 1˝ hours: $200
  Each additional ˝ hour clearing: $50 (paid by mailed check after session)

Cancellation Policy: Clients will be billed half the fee for any session cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

If you feel drawn to my work, call 781-843-9940
or email
so we can get started.