My Spiritual Guides

I have been blessed with a powerful group of cosmic “healing guides” who are unique to my healing practice. They show themselves in different formations and groupings depending on each client’s needs. They allow me to offer you a wide variety of transformative healing techniques.

The Group Of Ones

The largest group is called “The Group of Ones.” There are 16 healing guides in this group. They’ve come into my practice over the past 7 years. I’ve listed them in order of appearance with a brief description of how they work:

Ungk ~ Brings increased clarity of thought, word and deed

Rosario ~ Untangles electrical impulses in the brain (circular Thinking / “monkey mind”)

Ahgimento ~ Aligns electrical impulses along the spine

Bahma ~ Removes emotional trauma in the system (especially helpful after surgery)

Ahghana ~ “Re-births” organs by cutting cords of long-held issues

Eliahna ~ Repairs and regenerates chakras

Ahdahma ~ Opens energetic blockages in the system

Sharma ~ Weaves strands of conditioning together to bring Divine light into the system

Parayah ~ Deals with issues of the heart

Markdah ~ Suctions impurities from the system

Ahn ~ Clears energetic debris from the colon (like an energetic colonoscopy)

Ahrialahna ~ Treats the male and female reproductive system

Ahrahn ~ Deals with self-empowerment issues through the 3rd chakra

Ahriahn ~ Works on the facial structure and the sinus cavities

Mahrahn ~ Removes energetic debris and toxins by creating a tornado effect in the system

Jahrahn ~ Clears conditioning in the system (looks like a wand rolling cotton candy)

The Light Bridge

There is also a group of six light-beings called “The Light Bridge.” They come into every session creating a healing tunnel of light which enhances and upgrades DNA. They also bring transformative techniques that remove layers of conditioning and increase the connection to the Divinity that resides in all of us.

~   ~   ~

Because I never know when a new guide will show up, please watch this page for additions to this list. At times, I take all this for granted and at times I’m awestruck and amazed that I’m gifted with the ability to channel these blessed helpers for you.




I have been receiving sessions from Gayle for the last 3 1/2 years. I always feel healthier and rejuvenated after the vortex work. It is like a burden has been lifted.
Stephanie, Massage Therapist




Gayle's intuition is right on the mark. Her reading was absolutely accurate,
and remarkably helpful. Gayle's supportive and deeply nurturing presence provides a profound healing experience.
Hilary, Intuitive Body Balancing and VortexHealing Practitioner





Many years ago, I saw a video where someone asked Carlos Santana how it was that he makes music... Carlos responded that he was trying to connect the molecules with the light. I thought at the time that it was a very strange answer. Years later I had an experience where I felt that way and understood what Carlos meant... I think it may be the same way with someone who is new to this type of therapy, they might not understand it at first, but when they realize it, it's very special.
Sam, Owner, Bikram Yoga Auburn, Musician






After my divorce, Gayle did a distance house clearing and got rid of all the negative energy. The place looks bigger and light-filled and feels happy.

Gayle's work is deep, awesome, specific and magical. She has helped me, body, mind and spirit. Each session is like getting a present.
Kristine, Dental Hygienist,
Vortex Healing
® Practitioner





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