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Gayle earned both her BS and Master’s Degree in Education from Boston University. She holds advanced certification in VortexHealing® Energetic Therapy and has worked as an Intuitive Healer in the United States and Europe. Also certified in Reiki and NeuroLinguistic Programming, Gayle is a trained Hospice Volunteer.


I am usually asked if I always knew I was a healer – surprisingly, I did not. Even though I come from a long line of highly intuitive women (more about that later) I didn’t recognize my intuitive gifts early on. After spending 20 years in the corporate world, my strong “calling” to do healing work was able to emerge.

A few months before my initial course in VortexHealing® Energetic Therapy, a friend was diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer. When I asked my Vortex teacher how I could help her, I was encouraged to “work with her every day and you will both receive gifts.”

My friend lived for a year and I did indeed work with her every day. During one session, my eyes were closed and my hands were on her head when I saw the image of a woman in my mind’s eye. She arrived like a swirl of brightly shimmering energy and then her image became sharper and more distinct. I could clearly see her black, horned-rim glasses shaped like a cat’s eye and encrusted with tiny rhinestones…a very '60s look. She had dark wavy hair and felt like a loving presence. After the session I asked my friend if she knew anyone like that. She started to cry and said it was a perfect description of her favorite aunt who had died. Her aunt “showed up” many times after that with messages that helped my friend feel calmer and more connected to Spirit. I will always feel grateful to my friend for the precious time we shared as she eased her discomfort while I discovered my own intuitive gifts.

As a Body-Intuitive, I hear your body speak. I may hear “now we’re going to the right knee. Put both hands on the knee…no, just a bit more to the right…no down a bit…right there.” As I move around your body, I’m not directing the session. Instead, I am surrendering and letting your body tell me what’s ready to be released.

I liken my gift as a Psychic Channel to the tuner on a radio. We can’t see the radio waves as we tune into our favorite radio station but we know they’re there. I have the ability to tune into the vibrational waves of a healing channel that I believe is available to all of us. So, when I’m channeling messages for my clients, I’m hearing (clairaudient) the voices of my Spirit Guides and in my mind’s eye I’m seeing the pictures (clairvoyant) my guides are showing me. I believe we can all do this, but some of us are gifted with a stronger tuner and are able to connect more easily. It takes practice, focus and the ability to surrender to the Divine.





The environment you have created is beautiful and comforting. Your manner is professional, competent, caring, insightful and compassionate. After sessions, I experienced increased clarity, insights and understanding and felt more relaxed and peaceful when I went back into my own life.
Marcie, Life Coach,
Body-Centered Therapist





What I find most rare working with Gayle is her ability to access some inner wisdom that is in complete harmony with my own intuition. She has no “agenda” other than giving me feedback that will be for my highest good.

Working with Gayle I’ve been able to heal from the loss of a love relationship and make steady progress on a novel I am finally completing after 6 years of continuous work. Our work together has also opened a new balance in my body.
Deborah, Author, Interior Designer, Graphic Designer




I mentioned earlier that I come from a long line of highly intuitive women through my mother’s lineage.
If you have time, please enjoy their stories.

My maternal grandmother, Lena, had 8 children. My mom was the youngest. My grandmother believed that her oldest child was delivered by an angel and this is the story she told me.

In the late 1800’s, my grandparents lived in a tenement building in East Boston. As my grandmother’s first pregnancy advanced, my grandfather would lock the door to their apartment when he left for work to protect my grandmother from unwanted intruders. My grandfather was working when her labor pains began and she was too weak to go downstairs and call a neighbor for help. She managed to get herself to bed and thought she must have fainted because the next thing she knew there was a man wearing a top hat with a kindly face holding her hand and saying everything would be alright. The next thing she remembered was her husband and the midwife delivering her son. She asked, “Where’s the man with the top hat that was so kind to me?” The chance that anyone wearing a top hat would be in that working class neighborhood was extremely rare so they assumed she was imagining things. Just inside the street door to their house was a huge coat rack with a long shelf below that any of the tenants could use. A few days later when my grandfather was looking for his hat…there on the shelf was a folded top hat that wasn’t there before and didn’t belong to any of the tenants.

My Aunt Emma knew who was calling every single time the phone rang.

My mother, Ronnie, always believed she wasn’t very intuitive. One Saturday night when my folks had left me and my younger brother with a new sitter, they had driven about a half hour from the house when Mom was overwhelmed with a feeling of dread and begged my dad to drive back home. When they got there, they found the sitter beating me and my brother.

My Aunt Gert had a house on Cape Cod and lived about 3 hours away from us during the summers. She thought all this intuitive stuff was “just hooey.” One day she thought she heard a voice telling her to go see my mom. She ignored it but it kept getting stronger and stronger until she felt someone was behind her pushing her out the door. So she called her husband, told him she had no idea why she was about to drive 3 hours to see my mom…she just felt compelled to do it. She arrived at our house just in time to see my mom being rushed into an ambulance with symptoms of a heart attack. My aunt packed my brother and me up and took us to live with her for the rest of the summer.

The lineage continues in my two daughters. Our oldest daughter showed strong intuitive skills as a young girl however followed a different career path until 15 years ago, when she was called to start a healing practice as a psychic reader. Her unique gift is her ability to see the lives of her clients as clearly as if she were watching a movie in real time. She is also a VortexHealing® Energetic Therapy practitioner.

Our younger daughter doubted any healing power. When she became certified in massage therapy and began practicing, she told me “It’s amazing, Mom. It’s like my fingers are following an arrow in my clients’ bodies leading me to where they need work.


I love my life and love my work and want to help my clients achieve the same richness in their lives.






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