A Typical Individual Session

A healing session creates a trusting space filled with loving purpose and healing intention. It is your sacred time. Each 90-minute session includes:

15 minutes of consultation (learning what’s “up” for you)
30-45 minutes of hands-on energetic healing
30-45 minutes of channeled messages

We begin by sitting across from one another while I actively listen to you share what’s going on with you. We then move to a massage table where you lie on your back, fully clothed. I place my hands at your head, then touch you on your shoulders, hips, knees and feet…hold your ankles for a few minutes then follow the same energy path back to your head, beginning the healing session. Next, I’ll give you a short grounding meditation to help you relax and sink more deeply into the table. The rest of the time on the table is silent, although you will hear me breathing deeply with a breath that sounds like ocean waves. That breath is our bridge to the healing realm.

As a Body-Intuitive, I am guided by the messages I receive from your body. I do not set the agenda for the session… your body tells where to put my hands and where to move next. Your body speaks to me as clearly as you and I speak to each other.

Then, for the final part of the session, we’ll sit across from one another again and I’ll share with you what I was called to do. My psychic sight allows me to see whatever is ready to be released in the moment and I will give you that information as well as sharing which of my Cosmic Healing Guides “showed up” and why.

Channeling messages for you is the culmination of the session. The messages always relate to whatever I saw and felt while you were lying down and often include “homework” for you to follow before the next session. You’ll also receive messages of nutritional guidance…what foods are good for you, what foods to avoid while this healing integrates into your body or what foods to avoid for longer periods because they aren’t processing well in your digestive system.

Each session is different for each client. And sometimes totally different each time you experience this work. If there is one common thread it’s a shared sense of relaxation and peace.

Group Sessions

For information on group sessions, please click this link.





I get anxiety attacks. Gayle stopped one of them after 3 or 4 minutes of hands-on healing. Later that day I went back for a full healing session. During the session I was able to feel relaxed for the first time in my life. It was unbelievable. I feel different now…definitely more relaxed
and not as tense.
Mike, President,
 McCarthy Cleaning Services


Gayle offers the opportunity to experience the best of several modalities simultaneously. In my personal experience, there is not anyone else who can offer this level of intervention that incorporates body, mind and spirit, with beneficial effects for all three. I know that I would
not have come this far without
her help and guidance.
Suzanne, Speech Therapist, Cranial Sacral Practitioner





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