Frequently Asked Questions


What do I wear?

Come in comfortable clothing because you’ll be lying down on a massage table for 30-45 minutes.

How will I feel afterward?

Each client is different but most feel a sense of relaxation and peace…very stress reducing.

What sets your healing practice apart from others?

My healing practice offers a one-of-a-kind blending of healing modalities: Body Intuitive work, VortexHealing® Energetic Therapy, Spirit-Guided (see My Guides for a detailed description) transformative healing techniques you won’t find anywhere else and Channeled messages of Self-awareness including nutritional guidance.

How often are the sessions?

This work takes three sessions for me to fully integrate into your body and its needs. To be sure clients receive a fully integrated experience, I offer an optional three-session package at a reduced rate. I suggest you experience one individual session to know whether this work “speaks” to you. Most (95%) clients come once a month and continue to purchase three-session packages.


The two major benefits I've received from our sessions are (1) increased and sustainable clarity, and (2) a better ability to clear the mental debris so that I can ignore the nonsense/idle chatter and try to focus on the bigger picture. You are terrific.
Lisa, Mother of four, Yoga student



The language Gayle uses is evocative and incredibly memorable - I carry words and images from our sessions around with me and return to them when I need support and clarity. I would recommend her especially if someone is hurting or grieving or feeling very vulnerable.
Margie, Actress, Director and Corporate Team Facilitator



Gayle is a gifted and talented healer. Her work is nurturing on all levels because it comes from her heart from Spirit. She has strong abilities that are given with clear intent and integrity. Gayle treats her clients with a deeply loving respect, which opens up the client's energy to be healed on deeper levels. She is highly recommended as a powerful healer.
Beth Ann, Hypnotherapist





Sunshine Intuitive and Holistic Healing

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