Feeling stuck and repeating patterns that no longer serve you?
Sick of “should haves”?   Need more clarity?
Still judging you're “not good enough”?

Welcome to my healing practice.  I’ve been blessed with the psychic sight
that allows me to see and release whatever is blocking you from:

Knowing what’s True for you

Speaking your Truth with compassion
Knowing when to stand in your Truth without saying a word


With Spirit and the aid of my guides we can
clear out energetic debris blocking you from
knowing what’s True for you; release old
patterns keeping you stuck; clear ancestral
pieces you didn’t even realize you were holding
from your mother’s or father’s lineage & increase
clarity of thought, word and deed.


What I’ve learned since I created my healing practice in
2000 is that these energetic shifts usually take
3 sessions to fully integrate.



One caution:  this is not passive healing.  It’s a healing partnership between you and Spirit.
The messages channeled from Spirit often have
“homework” for you to do between sessions. So
please be prepared to do your part.

Gayle Gorfinkle

Please enjoy this short teaching video on
how to create a shield that will protect you
from toxins and negativity.

If you feel drawn to my work, call 781-843-9940
or email Gayle@SunshineIHH.com
so we can get started.